yeah i know im late but it's okay i guess because it still January..... right?

it's been a while i left my blog. my last post is about Al-Quran, kalau tak baca lagi silakan baca. hehehehehehe.

so, tahun baru, azam pun baru. alaa macam tak biasa lak. jadi azamku di sini tak lah begitu fancy. mana yang tercapai, alhamdulillah.

actually i don't have any topic to write here in this post. just to share you that im glad it's already 2015 and im 19 (unofficial) and it's mean that this year is my last 'teen' year. Ya Allah, time really flies so fast. i just can't believe it.

oh yaa! one thing, im so sure that im not mention to you guys about my second semester yet. Im not gonna lie that the first/second week (im not sure) of this semester is so sucks. I cried all the day and it was really stress me out because I have to handle 2 events in 1 day that I think it was insane. but Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly after that day. it doesn't effected my studies and Alhamdulillah there was no any tests or else I'll get crazy.

but I think to be the one who have a big responsibility, it's normal you know because responsibility is something that you need to be responsible to it of course and in Islam we say it as Amanah. Im not really good in explaining but do know that RESPONSIBILITY is not just a word but it really bring a big meaning for us.

i know this post is kinda boring but at least im not leaving my blog abandoned since my last post was last year. hahaha.



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